Statement of Faith
We are part of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada

Because of what the Bible says we believe: 

  1. There is only one God and He exists in three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. The Bible is without error—inerrant—in the original writings.
  3. That we are sinners like Adam and Eve and need to accept Jesus’ amazing sacrifice of Himself for us in order to be reconciled to God.
  4. That Jesus—God the Son—became fully human: becoming one Person with two unmingled natures.
  5. That Jesus was crucified for us, buried, and rose to life again—and that personally accepting this is how sinful people like us find peace with God.
  6. That Jesus, after He ascended back to Heaven, sent the Holy Spirit to lead and empower those who accept His sacrifice for them.
  7. That all those who by faith trust that Jesus graciously died in their place—and accept that all the good they’ve ever done couldn’t accomplish what His self-sacrifice did—are part of a worldwide community we call the church. Baptism and the Lord’s Supper are pretty important to us.
  8. That God the Holy Spirit acts in us to make all those who trust Jesus more like Him.
  9. That Jesus is coming back—and we are to joyfully live like it.
  10. That one day people will be resurrected to face God and those who have not accepted Jesus’ sacrifice will spend forever painfully separated from God while those who accepted Jesus’ forgiveness will enjoy God’s presence forevermore.

For additional clarity, please see our Constitution and Bylaws below.

Constitution & Bylaws